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Collecting Eggs

Fresh Eggs

We are daily collecting fresh country eggs from own farm and selling them to consumers directly. Our eggs have much tasty, hygienic and healthy because we are feeding Ragi, Kambu, Azolla and Corn to our chickens.


Roosters and Hens

We have only peruvadai breed of Roosters and Hens. We are selling 1kg to 6kg live chickens. We are feeding Ragi, Kambu, Azolla and Corn to our chickens so it's more taste and healthy.



We are cleaning the country chicken village style without using machine and gas. So the chicken get more taste than others cleaning. We start cleaning after getting orders from customers, so our chicken is always fresh. Make order and get chicken door steps.


Door Step Delivery

We are delivering fresh chicken to our customers on time. So now you can enjoy fresh chicken without going to shop.

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